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Founded in 2016, CybernetIQ has launched military-grade attack surface analysis programs in governments, MSSPs, and businesses across the globe.

Built by cybersecurity experts, for cybersecurity experts. This is the way. This is a calling that rings true for all the best products in this space.

Before CLAW, teams were missing a platform where everything could be tied together. A light table that could show through the connections and alignments in the community, and enable operators to stop relying on their tradecraft and instead focus on the problems that matter most.

We started in the hardest space, where traditional tools and control systems simply weren’t enough. Now, built out from those humble beginnings, we have a rich, mission-ready product that can harness the power of your complete cybersecurity stack.

What We Do

You can’t fight what you can’t see. That’s the guiding philosophy behind CLAW by CybernetIQ – a true visualization of the corporate enterprise attack surface. Created by internationally recognized cybersecurity experts, CLAW combines the full stack of cybersecurity investments that each organization uses to build their defenses. Consolidating the tools and tradecraft drawn from across the OT, IoT, and IT sectors, teams can see across the full cyber-battlefield to dramatically frame the understanding of the current situation and model the network for the whole SecOps team. CybernetIQ has designed, built, and delivered bespoke cybersecurity technologies to sector-specific clients with solutions that are focused on solving critical cybersecurity challenges. Our core product offering is the C.L.A.W. (Control Layer Assessment Workstation) platform used for advanced cybersecurity defense and operations, and since our departure from the Canadian Defence Research test lab, it remains our primary focus. Our solution reveals and makes better use of the existing enterprise cybersecurity technologies, and augment the human interactions that are used to maintain safe, secure, and resilient networks. Built around the concept of VOAR (Visualization, Orchestration, Automation, Remediation) CLAW applies gamification concepts to cybersecurity and reveals threats and breaches by fully mapping each layer of a network, sourced with existing tools, offering enriched clarity and innovative visual representations.

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