How Attack Surface Analysis Gives Cybersecurity Experts More Context

How Attack Surface Analysis Gives Cybersecurity Experts More Context

(so you can make better decisions, faster.)

For most things in life, context matters…often, more than a little bit. 

If you heard that Obi-Wan had stepped into the dark side, and didn’t know the context, you’d be confused. Perhaps even a little angry. After all, that path is an easy one. #nerdlife

It’s no different in cybersecurity.

Except cybersecurity isn’t a made-up scenario, and the impact of making contextualized decisions is vastly more weighty. (Depending on who you ask. Anakin might disagree.)

Without correct context, you can easily make wrong choices, wrong plans, and wrong moves. 

And the result of poor decision-making in cybersecurity can be costly at best. 

Studies show in 2021, the average time for organizations globally to identify and contain a breach was 287 days. The average cost of those breaches? $4.87 million. If a breach went undetected under your watch because of a lack of context, facing your manager with the news might quickly lead to a walk into the unemployment office. 

The decisions we make daily in cybersecurity have long-lasting impacts: on our companies, and our own careers.

We all know what’s on the line if we make decisions without correct context. Unfortunately, nevertheless many of us are forced to face this every day at our jobs. Inundated with alerts and pings and fire alarms, constantly given more tasks, we have no room left to breathe. And to solve the problem, upper management just throws new tools at us: a bandaid fix that only adds to our concerns. 

It’s no wonder you’re burnt out. 

But what happens when we get the context we need? 

What happens when we’re able to quickly make the right decisions, because instead of noise and alert fatigue, we’ve got clarity and visibility? 

What happens when you can get to the why and how behind an issue? 

What happens when you can confidently communicate to upper management that you’ve created a fully resilient network? 

That’s what an effective Attack Surface Analysis platform can give you. 

You’re probably thinking: “I don’t need another tool!”…and we agree. 

An Attack Surface Analysis platform, like CLAW, isn’t another cybersecurity tool. 

It’s a tool consolidator

Instead of the exhausting and redundant process of trying to verify and contain alerts from 50+ tools, you’ve got one single interactive lens that combines the power of all your tools, into one place. 

By combining the power of all your cybersecurity tools into one place, you’re freed up to move at your own speed, discover gaps between systems, see existing vulnerabilities, and prioritize threats.

Armed with this kind of intel, say goodbye to sweaty palms when you’re presenting to leadership. You’ve got the information you need to make confident, contextualized decisions.

So how exactly does Attack Surface Analysis tool, like CLAW, offer context? 

Attack Surface Analysis (not to be confused with Attack Surface Management) pieces together every dataset you have and allows you to zoom in and dissect in as much detail as you need. Since the power of all your cybersecurity tools is combined into one single lens, you have access to all of the datasets and flows in one place. You can examine any scenario at a depth not previously available. Your entire network, and every device and asset on it, is visible to you. 

CLAW is all about “chasing the wire”, which means operators can get the most unbiased, fully immersed dataset acquirable, so they can dissect with the most penetrative look. 

Once the dataset is received from CLAW, you can apply your personal cybersecurity mindset. 

You can remove yourself from day-to-day distractions, and place yourself where you can perceive the dataset and get intel from it as quickly as possible. 

It moves at the speed you do.

Now, you can create a composite dataset, synthesize the info from the set, and then apply your knowledge to it. 

Giving you the context you need to make more accurate, more informed decisions…fast. 

Analysts get instant, contextualized visibility, so you can see vulnerabilities, and get to the why and how within the full context of the situation. 

Architects get the right information and context, so you can confidently articulate to senior management they’ve created a resilient network.

Junior-level employees can level up their cybersecurity knowledge and skills instantly.

Senior-level employees can increase their impact and move at their own increased speed. 

Everyone wins. 

If you’re sick of the risky guessing games, let’s talk about how CLAW’s Attack Surface Analysis can transform your daily life, and give you the context you need to confidently make accurate decisions.

It’s a game-changer.