You’ve spent years building your MSP and cybersecurity practice, providing outstanding IT and cybersecurity services to keep your customers safe. However, cybersecurity attacks are more complex, more frequent, and more damaging than ever.

Provide your customers with the same cybersecurity assessment and ongoing resilience that large consulting companies provide enterprise customers, at a fraction of the price:

  • Full-service cybersecurity resilience assessment
  • Point-in-time or ongoing, snapshot based process
  • Enterprise-grade resources, with SMB costs
  • Leveraging CLAW – CybernetIQ’s attack surface analysis platform to see the full picture

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with Resilience-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Leverage Resilience-as-a-Service to Grow Your Business

Cybersecurity is a complex challenge. The most successful teams know you need the right data to make the best decisions. Managing multiple security software tools with multiple interfaces is a daunting challenge that drains even the most seasoned operator.

RaaS unifies the understanding of your customers’ security posture from a grassroots level to provide a fuller understanding in a single lens. Our patented technology lets your security operators quickly discover and hunt down threats across the full enterprise, regardless of whether they’re in the physical network, cloud, containers, or endpoints.

Our offering is more than just technology.

Our built-in multi-tenant, multi-tiered approach enables the entire SOC or MSS team, regardless of skill level or experience. This increased uptime means you don’t have to spend months integrating tools or features as you do with other security software products. Quickly upload new customers with ease, and manage hundreds of customers with a solution that drastically removes the complexity of the resilience process to boost analyst confidence and more satisfied customers.

Our Packages

Package 01

Resilience Snapshot

$9,800 Quarterly

Install and configure CLAW to run in your environment & provide your team with instruction on how to use the technology drawn from a single source in the network environment.

Package 02

Resilience Assessment

$25,000 Quarterly

We ingest your network and threat data and provide you with an analysis of what our attach surface analysis platform reveals. Enabling you to make better security decisions with proper insights.

Package 03

Resilience as a Service

$43,500 Quarterly

Regular network and vulnerability data ingested and analyzed by CLAW platform, IOT, Cloud, artifacts and appliances evaluated in a single frame. Recommendations and Project Plans provided as tangible outcomes.

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